66 DRUM STICK PROJECT Nobema, plastic molding and additional integrated services

  • Nobema: 66 drum stick project
  • Nobema: 66 drum stick project
"66" is the name of a new line of drumsticks, born from the need to eliminate one of the most annoying recurring problems for drummers: drum sticks breaking while playing.

From the standpoint of the instrument itself, we have not changed the object’s nature. On the contrary, we have crafted our prototypes, by drawing our inspiration from what already exists, i.e., the classic wooden drumsticks. However, by taking advantage of our core business, the moulding of thermoplastics, and combining this with the new GIT (Gas Injection Technology), we have been able to reproduce a drumstick endowed with characteristics that are superior to the original wooden one. Among these, should be pointed out a very high impact resistance at a significantly lower cost than traditional drumsticks as the production cost is lower.

Thanks to the moulding programme and the use of interchangeable arrangements for the moulds, our drumsticks can become extremely customizable. It is indeed possible to choose among different available materials, colours, tip types, etc. You can even personalize your drumsticks by printing texts or your own band or company logo on the sides of the drumstick.

It should also be said that GIT technology allows to create a variable longitudinal internal cavity inside the drumstick that makes it possible to accurately determine the weight of the drumsticks and their balance without altering their integrity.
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