GAS INJECTION TECHNOLOGY Nobema, plastic molding and additional integrated services

  • Nobema: gas injection tecnology
In order to further increase our production capacity, we have recently equipped ourselves with a new technical support: GIT (Gas Injection Technology). With this technology, compressed nitrogen is introduced into the mould cavity during injection of the plastic, which, owing to the effect of gas pressure, is distributed evenly over the walls of the cavity itself leaving the interior empty. In this way hollow details can be produced, which are aesthetically perfect and without blemishes (no non-aesthetic grooves) while using a smaller amount of raw material.

The plant system consists of a compressor for nitrogen and a control panel, which conveniently interfaces with the press, thus making it possible to set the steps, the time and amount of gas that is injected together with the polymer.

All this generates savings on the construction of the moulds and the consequent production of details that otherwise would not be feasible unless at significantly higher costs. It should also be noted that the control unit is able to simultaneously handle two molding machines with different moulding cycles.
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